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01 Oct, 2020


Web Development, UX/UI Design


Our team faced a challenging task to Design, Front End, Back End Development, DataBase Creation, Server Management, and CSR a secure solution, allowing cryptocurrency trading with leverage and providing online wallet, onboarding process, crypto and fiat currency exchange, and support of deposits/withdrawals. On BeatBidder venues will be able to access a global pool of artists and fill their entire calendar with profitable performances. In addition, BeatBind will allow venues to bid on well-known DJs in open auctions, increasing the DJ’s fees and fully capitalizing on the demand for them, while also benefiting venues that otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach them


Mind-mapping — We used a mind-map to generate a few thoughts on how our consumer can have an effect on System. we target social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat due to the fact they’re famous apps for the various younger demographic. Mind-maps are an easy manner of developing with thoughts and figuring out links among them. From this, the quality thoughts may be advanced and implemented. 

Wireframing — The wireframes we layout for our customers may be the concept of “skeleton web page layouts”. Just like sketches of stick-discern people, they’re easily visible representations of complicated concepts.

We generate wireframes to assist provoke communication with our customers after which in the end arrive at a very last selection of approximately the precise portions and components and textual content with a view to being protected of their website pages.

Through the usage of relative sizing and placement (better up or decrease down) of web page components, our wireframes permit our customers to apprehend the relative significance and placement of the distinctive portions and components with a view to make up their pages.


Design is centered on the visible communique and the classy of a website. The visible layout consists of a hard and fast of fundamental elements: shadeation theory, typography, hierarchy, accurate placement of the objects, and the opposite elements. Bringing them collectively withinside the proper manner permits for developing a hit layout. The well-advanced visible layout will increase enticing of the customers and enables to set up believe and hobby associated with the product. In my project, I will listen simplest on a few visible layout elements, like typography and fonts, shadeation choices, and accurate placement of the interplay details.

Human psychology performs one of the predominant roles in a person enjoys the layout. An internet site may be created for extraordinary styles of use. The target market merits a well-applied layout for an internet product. A famous target market is an internet designer’s ordinary obligation and a key to the successful result of the project. The look at of human psychology offers the possibility to apprehend how human beings make decisions, how human beings think, what makes a person action, or the way to inspire human beings to comprehend the thoughts and pursuits of an internet site. The solutions to those questions useful resources to make a layout better.


Development is what makes a website characteristic seamlessly, reply rapidly, and meet the state-of-the-art expectancies of users. We consciousness of what truly topics in web website online performance – an effective personalized experience. Our builders have an uncanny capacity to supply a website with workability and capability this is true heads above the competition.

At ZEREFLAB, we don’t play a guessing game. Our improvement crew works in near collaboration with our image designers, and our deep information of personal conduct and behavior offers us a facet in growing web websites that interact and encourage conversions. From the selection of a platform to improvement languages, we’ve got all of the bases covered.

Robocash allows people around the world to create a passive income stream from the biggest source of wealth in the entire world. We are making a full renovation of our front-end infrastructure. New website, new client’s area, new partners, new achievements. The same processes are taking place in trading. The modern world never so far faced such a situation with total lockdown because of COVID-19. But at the same time, high volatility is a huge possibility for market traders.

Originally the system became primarily based totally on the basket model, however later, for the duration of the development, it received modules from different forms of systems. Such as volatility, levels, indicator-primarily based totally machine, and a few others. So, it’s miles a mixture of various modules of various machine kinds below partial AI and overall human control. This mixture enables this machine to make choices in continuously converting surroundings and below extraordinary circumstances.

Test & Launch

After creating a proper website, we checked it from cover to cover three times. We examine the website in popular browsers and devices to ensure adequate capacity and efficiency. The tiny adjustments had to give Robocash and its visitors’ adequate pleasure.

After our team made the website very special, we sent our pictures to the Robocash team so they could take a look. With a start plan, we carried out another test round after the broadcast was alive. While we work hard and speak thoroughly, we create an interesting and stress-free starting day for Robocash.

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