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SARAH tylor

Event Moon


18 Feb, 2021


UX/UI Design

Our approach to solutions

User experience design (UX/UI) is a set of technologies that increase user satisfaction by improving usability and concepts related to the interaction between human users and computers. User experience is a significant aspect in creating different kinds of products and services, We often run into situations where people have different ideas about design decisions; it can be tough to judge without any design principles. We brainstormed together and created our own 6 principles: Know Your User, Clarity, Consistency, Efficiency, Collaboration, and Beauty. By looking at the Event Moon design principles graphic, it encouraged us to think about what we can do next to apply them in practice.

The new UI provides multiple new options to users. We remember the hard time we had with the older UI when we had to navigate through the complete platform but couldn’t find the button. The ease of use is much greater with all the options displayed up in front. Like many other companies, Lyft is metrics-driven and focuses on quantitative analysis. However, quantitative data needs analysis to be useful. Because of that, qualitative data comes in handy and that’s what they focus on more now.

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