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Bosko Gasic



01 Feb, 2021


Web Development, UX/UI Design


Our team faced a challenging task to Design, Front End, Back End Development, DataBase Creation, Server Management, and CSR a secure solution, allowing cryptocurrency trading with leverage and providing online wallet, onboarding process, crypto and fiat currency exchange, and support of deposits/withdrawals. On BeatBidder venues will be able to access a global pool of artists and fill their entire calendar with profitable performances. In addition, BeatBind will allow venues to bid on well-known DJs in open auctions, increasing the DJ’s fees and fully capitalizing on the demand for them, while also benefiting venues that otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach them


We have to come up with the most unique design idea which is user friendly and futuristic at the same time, designing was a bit of a challenge and we were more than happy to accept that challenge the main idea here was to give people the freedom to interact with our platform, therefore we have to make everything from scratch that makes us to come to the whiteboard and we have started mind-mapping of the whole process step by step rechecking every single detail and making sure that the system remains future proof, after spending hours and hours we finally agreed to a design which is top of the other and stands out on its own.

This was the result of several hours and multiple meetings between BeatBidder and ZEREFLAB. The BeatBidder crew got here to us well-prepared: that they’d already taken into consideration the simple internet site shape and web page blocks in addition to had UX wireframes and textual content content material for the pages. Together, we reconsidered the consumer flows and interactions, the ZEREFLAB crew provided the usability improvements, but in general, maximum wireframes have been well-established from the very start.


The innovative system for designing the web page ended in maximum iterations as that turned into the principle and the strategically essential web page so its fashion needed to outline the stylistic course for the relaxation of the pages. To percentage the development and speak it with the customers effectively, we confirmed designs through Adobe XD. This manner of conversation turned into accurate due to the fact the customers should see how a website might appearance withinside the browser and will depart the remarks proper withinside the wanted places.

For the visuals, it became determined to make a preference in desire of custom illustrations rather than inventory snapshots or developing custom picture graph content. What’s more, the illustrations of the identical fashion are incorporated into the product displays so it made the visible connection among the product and its internet site a great deal more potent in addition to amplified consistency.


Our goal was to develop each page severally from different pages of the website. Such a state of affairs is sort of typical: it permits the QA team to audit the website as shortly as possible. The development of an answer required constructing a monetary provider proposing wallets for each crypto and fiat currencies, and an e-foreign money exchanger. The blockchain era with transit pockets become selected to offer an excessive degree of safety and make sure immediate transactions.

For buying and selling purposes, we evolved a buying and selling dashboard, accomplished integration of our answer with an outside buying and selling gadget and a gadget with an identical engine, and carried out buying and selling with leverage.

Here’s all the added value BeatBind provided

•  You are able to reach that DJ without knowing him, as compared to only his friends
and colleagues being able to give him offers
•  You knew the DJ was available for hire at the exact period when you needed him
•  You were able to verify the DJs experience, talent, or fit for your club all on his profile
•  You used our estimation of alcohol sales and other metrics for that specific DJ to
justify placing your offer, ultimately bringing you revenue

Approach to solution

Put yourself withinside the footwear of a younger artist. To get experience, you need to carry it out. But so that you can carry out, you want to experience. It’s the terrifying Catch-22 of breaking through, now no longer simply withinside the track occasions industry, however withinside the task marketplace in general.

The paradox leaves the inexperienced, be they destiny stars or now no longer, at a severe disadvantage. Ironically enough, the shortage of possibilities isn’t due to the fact their abilities arent needed. The international wishes for new DJs, singers, and bands now greater than ever, as there are greater eligible venues to carry out than ever. So what’s the hassle then? Lack of connections. Without get entry into a global (or any) community of venues and artists, there may be no steady channel in which each event can discover a manner to cooperate. BeatBind goals to offer that channel. Just like venues looked for a DJ they had to hire, so will musicians be capable of look for like-minded venues, and observe to carry out.

Our improvement group used nice practices for growing the web website online. The customer had a totally robust logo identity, which we seamlessly applied to their internet presence. We strove to refresh the formerly out-of-date web website online with a clean, modern, and minimalistic glance through improved imagery and a crafted flat, brutalist fashion format for a sparkling and tasty look.

Test & Launch

After crafting an appropriate internet site, we triple-checked it from the front stop to the again stop. We examined the internet site on famous gadgets and browsers to make certain right capability and efficiency. We cautiously combed through the web page for any vital last-minute adjustments had to create an appropriate revel in for BeatBidder and their visitors.

Once our crew became assured that the web page became not anything much less than exceptional, we despatched our paintings over to the BeatBidders crew so they may take a look at it out themselves.

With a release plan in place, we did some other spherical of trying out after going live. While operating diligently and speaking thoroughly, we created an interesting and stress-unfastened release day for BeatBidder.

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