Data Protection

The accelerating threat of cyber-attack and a rapidly tightening regulatory environment are turning data protection and compliance strategies into business-critical decisions. Establishing robust data compliance and protection practices. Downtime can be financially devastating. Eliminate the risk of data loss and ensure fast recovery and agile restoration. Complex enterprise environments require modern data protection strategies. ZEREFLAB help you reconcile current business and technical objectives against risk exposure and deliver data protection with optimal return on investment. Protecting sensitive data continues to be a paramount challenge for businesses and governmental institutions alike – with increased media attention and regulations ready to clamp down on careless handling of personal data in particular. We help you establish a holistic view of your sensitive data, helping you avoid data leaks and minimise the risk of GDPR fines.


impact assessment

This gives you a systematic and comprehensive analysis of how a particular project or system will affect the privacy of the individuals involved, employees or partners.

backup and recovery

Ensure business continuity by keeping every bit of your data protected no matter how much data you generate or what technologies you onboard, virtual and cloud servers.

ransomware protection

ZEREFLAB’s Active Protection uses innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to keep your data safe.


Data Mapping Exercise

In order to protect data and critical assets, organisations need to have a holistic view of their data footprint and the criticality of the information that they store and process.

Our data mapping exercise helps you identify, classify and discover the data in your organisation. Our risk management experts provide pragmatic consultancy as they assess your data risk and help you get a holistic view of your data.
The data mapping exercise consists of four phases:

Identify: we help you define and understand the different types of data that you hold and process within the organisation.
Classify: we determine the sensitivity of your data, based on the damage that would be caused by a breach of your data’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.
Discover: we determine where the data is stored, who receives it, and who processes it.
Report: we provide a comprehensive sensitive data inventory matrix based on the information gathered. A summary report that highlights our findings and suggested actions is provided.

GDPR Health Check

With the General Data Protection Regulation, organisations need to assess privacy risks and adjust their privacy controls, processes and policies.

With the GDPR health check, we determine your organisation’s privacy risks and assess your privacy controls according to the GDPR requirements. The health check is concluded with an in-depth report that shows key risk areas and actionable recommendations.

The health check’s key focus areas are:
Understanding: assessing the current awareness of how GDPR will impact your organisation
Roles & responsibilities: assessing whether appropriate roles and responsibilities within your organisation have been defined.
Application: assessing the application of data privacy principles and controls within your business.
Remedial actions: identifying the actions that are required to reach compliance with the new rules
Impact: an impact statement on any potential non-compliance.


Strategy & Remediation Support

We offer strategy and remediation support to help you assess the risks associated with data privacy and build an actionable roadmap, and assist you in all aspects of remediation and compliance with GDPR.

Depending on your situation, this may include the design of policies and procedures that are required to meet GDPR, while aligning your information security processes to the new privacy and risk management requirements. It may also include creating a target operating model and key performance indicators to measure the progress that your organisation is making in reaching your target.

Cutting-edge data notarization

Enhance regulatory transparency, decrease security risks and allow all departments to ensure the integrity of their business-critical data. ZEREFLAB service for file notarization, e-signing and data verification is designed with large enterprises in mind.
The risk of disaster, make it essential for companies of all sizes to establish a data protection program. In the case of disaster, it is vital to protect backup media enabling rapid recovery of data and business continuity. ZEREFLAB provides complete off-site data protection services for any type of your important data, we are here to help you in a very affordable way.