Project Goal

Generate a community of people using advanced blockchain technology where they can feel safe about their privacy and can avoid data monetization​s.

Executive Summary

Giving Shape to new ideas and creating a flow of continuous learning and improving maintaining progressive approach throughout the development process and as well as after its completion, whether it’s developing a new idea or improving the existing one our team successfully fulfils the client’s expectations.

Process Involving ​- New Website.

– Improved Database structure.
– Better working Algorithm.
– New functionality and implementations.



Building an understanding of the existing Database which was so poorly built and maintained missing chunks from any crucial table was no surprise to find. Regardless of having a system which is warning makes it more default to build from the scratch.

Thinking outside of the box should be implemented in this scenario, there was also a major role involved of communications barriers acting as an extra something to do for our developers not only troubleshooting the problems but come up with an effective way to solve it was a challenge.

overcome of challenges

Starting to develop on a basis of new ideation and creative minds on the floor making it one of our best achievements. Developing something from a complete set of mistakes and misleading information to a masterpiece of development is what our team professionally does.

We design their entire database from scratch and make it easier to understand.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.16.15 PM (1)


​-​4​0% faster operations.
– New and improved website.
– More payment Processors.
– Best ever User Interface.
– Fast customer support from our customer support agents.
– Up to date platform.

~ ​CEO The Box

They helped us with their best in class development services and the team is very friendly and Co-operative