Project Goal

Establish the understanding of the client’s problems acting as a bottleneck for their progress eliminating the risks involved in their current process and maintain the effectiveness throughout the progress.

Executive Summary

Building an entirely new platform from scratch transferring operations from outdated and rusty systems to the robust new platform which cause more effective and quick operations while maintaining the service, implementing more new features which were never possible on their existing system.

Allowing them to have more control over their system and made it easier while staying on the effective side by building an outstanding user-interface and admin panels now they can access their controls more easily.

Major Impacts

​- New and improved system

–  More options for the customers

–  Faster than ever process



Studying the previous system which was a complete mess from the foundation to the top causing the major and minor error regardless of everything the whole system has to be built from the scratch making it one of the biggest challenge for the team because there was a massive communication barrier between the Client and the team because the Client couldn’t speak English and have to use a translator for him to understand. While keeping the deadline in mind and every milestone has to be reached on time.

Last persons whom they worked with did not help them to integrate proper payment processors and payment systems. Our team needs to implement not only one but different payment processors for the customers who are not willing to join one of any.

overcome of challenges

We start building the project on new Laravel which is not only the latest version of laravel but also the most improved version yet. Created and converted the database from scratch and improved efficiency by 40%.

Allowing the customers to reach out to support if they encounter any issue and resolve their issue while staying on the chat causing a more user-friendly system. Enhanced their system by creating new formulas to calculate commissions and bonuses faster than before.

Eliminate the big and small issues by having a dedicated team only working for them so no matter what time of day it is a team of highly skilled individuals are always there to solve their problem.



​-​4​0% faster operations.
– New and improved website.
– More payment Processors.
– Best ever User Interface.
– Fast customer support from our customer support agents.
– Up to date platform.

~ ​CEO Robocash

The best service i have ever received, they are professional at what they do and help us to grow more than our expectation