Global technology

Project Goal

Build a platform for more than 50,000 users with multiple wallets and various integrations involved maintaining the flow of operations smooth and errorless.

Executive Summary

Developing a system that sustains more than 50,000 its users allowing them to use different wallets simultaneously causing up raising of new users on their system. They witness the fastest growth of their system ever since they started from the bottom.

Key Improvements
​- Stunning website.
– More functionality and features. ​- Robust User Interface.
– Class A Customer Support.



They were working with a system which is about to collapse and destroy every carousel information with it involving users personal information along with their financial information​. Database was a complete mess and the algorithm responsible for running the process was far beyond being authentic.

Scaling the complete system 10x times from its initial capabilities while making it more easier to use for any customer. Stop decreasing the value of their coin and come up with a strategy that gives its demand a boost.

Keeping up with clients demands and adding new functions every next month while dealing with the burden of mass the previous team left on us.

Dealing with downtime commission which causes a clear noticeable outburst from customers waiting desperately to site go live again and when it does a message wave of traffics slows it down back again.

overcome of challenges

Developing a new system from scratch designing advance follow of operations that they have never witnessed before Making us the best company they have worked with throughout their history. We make it possible that we deliver specifically what client demands and go an extra mile to prove it.

After an intense period of mind mapping our team came up with a revolutionary formula for delivering weekly commission causing no site down no lags whatsoever, not even that the commission is more accurate now and logs are more precise and well maintained.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 4.22.17 PM


We have strategized the new system with and rise with an upgraded business module.

Here are the benefits our client received from our service. – Advance Website.
– Properly managed Database.
– Fast Customer Support.
– Better than ever troubleshooting.
– Dedicated Team working for them.
– Secure Payment Solutions.
– Apps for Android and IOS.

~ ​CEO Global Technology & Innovations.

They are very creative and have solved our problems with efficiency and delivers quality services