Cryptominium Mobile app (CASE STUDY)



The Cryptominium App is the main foremost directory of all cryptocurrencies out there. fulfilling all your crypto, and blockchain technology need in a single place. anyone can list their business to boost their exposure to the audience making more people aware of what you do which massively increases the traffic.

Quality site visitors are the important thing for any Decentralized and Cryptocurrency associated project. Drive ideal site visitors with the aid of using our highly noticeably seen ads.

You have established your business now let us do the hard work of marketing it, so you can focus on more important things. We have tested and proven methods for this.


In the Desing and development process of Cryptominium App, the following technologies and frameworks were used.

  • ReactNative
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Api
  • Authentication
  • Blockchain


First of all, We need to identify the most common problems users are going to face and define the way the app will solve them, or at least one of them. Based on this, We can choose the right type of solution. After that, We need to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine if an application is going to work and assess the potential risks.

The app should be easy to navigate and intuitive. We focus to pay enough attention to the color palette of the application and content nuances. Our Designers did a great job delivering the visible message and visual communications When the design is finalized we present it to our client.

The configuration of the Cryptominium app is crucially important, as most of the components cannot be changed once configured. After planning the server components, We need to choose the best front-end programming language, external databases, and servers for the Application.


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