Our Journey

We focus our efforts on developing promising solutions for businesses, bringing considerable resources, support and a history of success to the enterprising individuals who break the standard and inspire our work. Our combination of on-site senior leadership backed by a centralised development team gives us the ability to offer clients a unique level of transparency and efficiency of communication that leads to stronger relationships, faster responses, and better results.

We are specialists in building and managing solutions that solve critical business problems. Our unique combination of business technology, certified technicians, and efficient processes gives us a competitive edge over other IT companies.

Buzzwords are great, but service is what matters. We’ve brought together a group of industry rockstars from some of the most well-known fields in the business who work tirelessly to engineer, test and optimise on your behalf. And you will always have a real person ready to help.

Bit by Bit has the expertise to navigate the evolving world of technology and determine which path is right for your business, large or small. We work with our clients to identify their unique needs, providing customised plans and products to improve productivity, streamline business communications, and lower IT costs.

Our Team

Our major strength comes from combining flexibility with perfect organisation of teams and processes, achieved by applying best management and communication practices on the market. We value professionals who: are up-to-date with the ever-changing world of technology, are willing to share their knowledge and build long-term strong work relationships inside ZEREFLAB.

What makes us the A-Team?
Happy developers mean profitable projects and satisfied clients. Over the years, we’ve developed a successful formula to take care of our people – they are up-to-date with technologies, well-coordinated and effective. By choosing The ZEREFLAB, you’re guaranteed to work with high-quality teams only.

Our core values

ZEREFLAB is a custom software development company. We are a diverse group of digital strategists, technologists, tinkers, developers and thought leaders. Together, we aim to co-invent the future by adding our unique expertise pulled from a diverse portfolio of industries. From creating innovative solutions to first-in-kind experiences, our capabilities are vast and adaptable. When looking at the big picture, our mission is to transform the way people interact with technology by uncovering unique opportunities in previously unexplored territories. We aim to transform the DNA of entire industries in order to make a lasting impact that extends far beyond the product.